Canine Companion Photoshoot

In our time together I aim not only to capture your best friend in all their quirky little nuances but to provide you with an experience to remember, where you got to bond and enjoy quality time with each other.

Deluxe Package:
13 Professionally Edited Digital Images

Classic Package:
7 Professionally Edited Digital Images

Mini Package
3 Professionally Edited Digital Images

Read on for frequently asked questions or give me a text, call or email!


What is your approach to pet photography?

I have always loved photography, and I have always been an animal lover so it made sense to combine these two aspects of myself.
The images I create are works of art, I don't just push the button and create an image, there is a great deal of time and energy goes in to the post processing of your images in order to make them the works of art that you see on my website.
While I work I make every effort to connect not only with your four legged friends but also with you, I will give bits of guidance in order for us to make the most of our hour together and I always hope that it is a fun experience for all involved!

What do I get for my investment?

Rather than charge per image, or require you to buy prints to have your images, I provide the digital files. For your £200 I provide a guaranteed 15 full resolution images of your furry friend in a number of areas, positions and speeds! Always edited to the same high standard seen throughout my website.

You are welcome to use these for home printing, however if you would like to order prints through me all you need to do is let me know and I can send over a price sheet for you; we can work together to make sure you are getting exactly what you want!

Where can we do the photoshoot?

Almost anywhere!
Some shoots I have done in clients gardens, some have been done in enclosed dog parks for those dogs who can't be let off the lead in the wild! Some in woodland, some on open field. While I can make any location work, there are certain kinds of locations which I prefer to shoot in because they lend themselves better towards generating the style of imagery that I strive towards.

I work throughout areas of York, Selby and everywhere in between so we can work together to find a location suitable for both of us. I welcome clients from further afar however you will need to travel to me.

I have a list of ideal locations that I frequent, but ultimately, if you cannot drive your dog to one of these I can travel throughout the areas stated above.

What will a shoot with you involve?

Lots of fun, laughs, and potentially throwing a ball in my face (no hard feelings!)
Throughout the course of our time together I will ask you to get involved and direct furry friend so that I can take the best possible images!
I will provide guidance on where I may need you to stand so that you are either out of shot, or attracting your dogs attention. I will ask for your assistance in getting your dog to run in certain directions, sometimes you might be required to throw balls or toys towards me and quickly step out of the way; this has often had some very comical results!

What if I have specific ideas?

I welcome them!
While you can see what the albums I provide for clients are like here on my website you may have specific ideas regarding the kinds of images you want, if this is a case that's great! I love getting creative and its my job to create the images that you envision!

What if my dog doesn't know any commands yet?

No problem!
I have worked with young puppies yet to learn their commands, I have worked with shelter dogs with a real wild side, and I have worked with a whole range of dogs some who know few commands and some who know many, all I need to tell you is we will make it work! Bring your toys, bring your treats and lets do this!

How many of us should come to the shoot?

While solo dog parents can come to a shoot with me and this is absolutely fine, I have learned that it is often easier to have your furry friends cooperate if there are two of you with us. This is especially helpful if your dog does not always co-operate with 'stay' or 'come' because the two of you can split up, one to keep the dog in position while the other stands behind me to call your dog over when I am in ready!

What if my dog cannot be let off-lead?

No problem! I work with dogs both on and off lead, in situations where your dog is on lead for their images I will remove the lead using some post processing magic! Please keep in mind that I do not work on removing harnesses so your dog needs to be comfortable on a lead on their collar for the session.

How long until I get the images?

My turn-around time from shoot to delivery is 4 weeks unless otherwise stated. I always aim to process and deliver your images as soon as I can, however I will never rush these. The majority of the images which I deliver have been extensively edited and it takes time to deliver the artwork you see on my website. Dogs on lead can have just as many wonderful portraits taken as dogs off lead, however I cannot guarantee action shots for dogs on lead.