Dani The Lioness

“Here I am;

The lioness embodied.

Fierce and wild.

Soft and sensuous.

Becoming priestess.

Coming home.” 


“As always the divine was at work, and play, orchestrating the journey to this photoshoot. It has been a lot for my human-being-self to navigate, yet, the golden thread guiding me with loving, tender, grace saw me through.

And the SPIRIT of the lioness spoke to me - ‘show yourself, celebrate yourself now. No matter how scary it is to bare yourself, no matter how much you are fearful (mainly of judgement from self and others) the time has a come… Your abundant body, your body that IS Mother, she deserves to be seen, to be captured. She is captivating.’

This was never about the viewer, the audience, those who will see these photos. This was purely for me. A catharsis. For me to bare my body. To be in my own skin and to embody MY Sacred Human Nature.

After years of self-deprecation this was no easy feat. And I am choosing to speak, and honour, this here because so many of us feel this; not good enough, not beautiful enough not ok in our own bodies. Yet we often gaze upon women who choose to show themselves, in awe and adoration.

And then… the day comes when it is has to happen. We feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Guided by the strength of the divine feminine.”

The Lioness

"She came to me long ago

To teach me about my strength

And to teach me about my vulnerability

With prowess

And power

She is protectress



Roaring forth all her rage

Invoking her sacredness


Rising and compelling

Born of Mother

Birthing as Mother

Held WITHIN Mother

Her aesthetic is mesmerising

Gazing in amazement



Swaying rhythmically



She is being moved

Breath guiding and inspiring her

Divine strength moves her

Highest being

She is LOVE.

The Lioness stays with me

To teach me about my strength "


"Working with Lela was a beautiful process from start to finish. I am so excited to tell you how aligned she is to this work… This is her souls work! And I truly believe that every photoshoot is for the upliftment of humanity. Through the celebration of Woman; of women’s Sacred Human Nature - Lela is raising us all up.

That is certainly how I felt, and still do - uplifted, more in touch with who I am, more in my truth and ultimately more in alignment with my soul mission.

This is not just a photoshoot, Lela provides a thorough and unique experience!

Choosing this for yourself is life-changing; a journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation. A glorious opportunity to celebrate yourself.

I felt totally held in every part of this journey, both professionally and in sisterhood.

Thank you Lela. Thank you spirit. Thank you Lioness."