A Day on kith Homestead

I was asked to come and document a day on Kith Homestead, a wonderful little homestead farm teaching young people and families valuable life skills so they can live in harmony with the land and themselves. What a beautiful day it was, to witness the love and connection between Simon, Lorna and young B as they went about their day, welcoming me into the intimacy of their life together. A very special place, doing some very special work.

aN HOUR WITH The Chapters

Invited into the home of the Chapters Family I was welcomes with joy and smiles, a little shy before we started I decided to have a quick game of fussball with the young man to break the ice, what a lot of fun that was... I did not win...but by the time it was my time to leave he was asking for me to stay and watch a film with him! We can all be a little shy sometimes and I will always do my best to make the families I work with feel comfortable before I start working. This wonderful family wanted some of their everyday activities documenting, games, watering the plants and having brunch, simple moments treasured as the magic that they are.