Emily & Our Earths Nature Spirits

Emily blends many modes of working, she is a Shamanic Healer, Guide, and aromatherapist who works closely with the spirits of the plants she hand picks and distils in her own home distillery, she is a creatrix of bespoke aromatherapy blends with powerful effects. A Hedge Witch with incredible knowledge and passion. Emily is an artist of deep and moving writing and imagery and a keeper of this earth.

I have worked closely with Emily for some time and believe her work and the transformations it can take people through is deeply powerful.

"We all have a window

We look out into the world from

Our unique view

Mine is through feeling

Today the moon is full

a window into emotion and all that is watery and flowing

It is my feeling that

If all the emotional threads were tended

There would be no war

Those who externalise

Cannot truly feel

What it is to be here

We can hold open our hearts

And welcome them home

To feel

I feel and weave the expression of emotion

I bring it to everything I do

I am meant to express emotion

And emotions unspoken 

So it can transmute and change reality

Be the impulse

I speak the unspoken words of my ancestors

And the voices of the trees

The words of the Earth

All laden with blossoming feelings

The emotional pulses

The truth of the soul

Knowing that the hard shell of societal dissociation

Is melting somehow


I can feel it

They say you can see things more clearly

When you’re not ‘in’ them

I see the mechanism and step outside of it

All of the threads that cling to

Sameness and emotionlessness

I see and detangle myself

Since I was tiny

I thought I was being pushed away

But the truth is I was fleeing for my

Soul to keep it safe

into the trees and guardians

It is my truest essence to be emotion

To transform with emotion

My tears are wise

So I protect them

Between belonging and being true

I took being true

And the foundations broke

But I can see now that they weren’t my roots

And I was here for something else

Something softer

I was held by the trees and the Earth

For they had seen more and knew more

Grandparents of the soil

Without emotions

Nothing changes

Nothing moves

Nothing is free

No compass, no knowing, no impulse

No feeling and no truth

My experience of dissociation and heartless contact

and speaking into that

with earnest

that a different way is possible

shining the truth of emotion

to be met by shaming and shunning

Showed me that without feelings

what I could see and sense

was imperceivable to those

who could not feel

So I welcome

us all to

bring back the threads

of emotion


to end the war


by feeling the emotional threads


and tending them"

-Emily, Autumn Blossoms

You can visit Emilys website using the button below. 

Emily approached me to capture her connection with the plant spirit world, to capture the unfolding of their voices through her movement and embodiment, what has evolved is a series of powerful photoshoots where Emily has authentically moved into the energy of each plant spirit in order to dance and move their lessons into physical reality to be captured. Not only have these photoshoots not been directed, but they have not involved the musical element that most of my sessions incorporate, the images are a true representation of Emilys deep connection with and expression of the plant spirit world.