We are nature.

Just as mother earth creates and supports life so do we as human beings. We are part of this natural world and we are sacred. Justyna came to do a photoshoot with me in the final weeks of her pregnancy. I witnessed her embrace the wild mother within, at one with the natural world around her, at one with her growing child. Nurtured by her mother, just as mother nature nurtures her.

Written by Justyna

"I find that pregnancy is often presented in a very polarising fashion - either as this grueling experience to be survived or as an otherworldly spectacle of life.  I think the middle ground exists. Like nature itself - pregnancy can be beautiful, joyful and awe-inspiring, as well as dirty, very physical and painful. I embarked on this photoshoot late in my pregnancy when I felt my body was not all that aesthetically enthralling, and I was less than graceful, but at the same time I was absolutely loving seeing those changes and eagerly awaiting for my baby to arrive."