Sacred Human Nature

As human beings, we are essentially animals. We are primal, we are vulnerable, we are strong, we are emotive and we are powerful. We are so many things, and we can embody so much beauty, destruction, alchemical transformation and manifestation of the sacred, the holy. This is something which cannot be fully put into words, which is where imagery comes in.

I have a deep and powerful passion bigger than I have ever felt before, and I feel a commitment to this path so strong nothing will turn me away. My aim is to be a catalyst for individuals to remember their sacred nature, as human, animal, sensual, angry, grieving, held beings, and everything else that we are. All the archetypes. All the emotion. All the raw nature of being human and alive.

What I offer is a space for you to be seen, to be witnessed in any way your soul is yearning for, and to create powerful artwork for you to not only pass down the generations as beautiful memories but as teaching lessons that all parts of you are worthy of being seen, and in allowing them to be expressed, embodied and witnessed you fuel the fire of your soul.

May you know your sacred beauty, in light, in darkness, in pain and in rapture.