Lifestyle Family Photography

moments created to be captured

Guided into connection, I capture the moments your family creates.

In order for someone to feel something when they view your family photographs, something had to have been felt when the photograph was made.

If you want to have the beauty of how life's precious moments look captured in a creative, artistic and meaningful way, but you would like to be guided into those connections, this is what a Lifestyle Session is all about.

I like to break the rules and see you have fun while I make art. No more stiff and traditional portraits or pressure to look into the camera, just deep and meaningful moments… with a little helping direction from myself. 

A photography session is very personal, therefore choosing the right photographer to fit your family is very important. I aim to get to know your family so that you can truly relax in front of my lens.

Remember, you aren't after a stiff and boring portrait of everyone looking at the camera; you’re after portraits with depth and meaning.

My job then, is not to make your family look perfect, but to guide you and show you how beautiful you real connection!

How a Lifestyle Session flows...

Unlike in a Documentary Session where I am the observer, in a Lifestyle Session you can see me like the director, who only plays part of the directing role! I aim to guide you to connect and create real moments, real emotions, which tell the story of your family with photographs which will be handed down through the generations.

I aim to use prompts to elicit the unfolding magic of your family's connections. Movement helps the human body to relax, while adding dynamic shape and authenticity, so I will often ask you to walk, dance or move in some way together. I may ask you to whisper things to each other, or ask you to tell me an embarrassing story about someone to create all the giggles! Each prompt holds a purpose to help create a story of your family's connections and bonds, and some of your session may be spent reliving and remembering cherished moments you have already had.

Lifestyle Sessions can take place outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. When we do a lifestyle session in the home we will often curate the environment - perhaps we will slide a chair or couch near the window, or rearrange a few items to fit the aesthetic of the composition I am working with. This is in contrast to Documentary Photography Sessions where everything captured is captured exactly as I see it, with no curation involved. Real life mess and all!

You deserve to be in your family photographs!