Documentary Family Photography

The true, raw nature of family life

Real life is worth documenting!

…and you deserve to be in your family photos, without the limitation of how far your arm can stretch!

If you want how your life FEELS to be captured and be able to be yourselves, with no pressure to pose or pretend to be anything other than real, then documentary family photography might be what you have been looking for.

I am deeply in love with the fact I can help you demonstrate the beautiful, raw, everyday reality of parenthood. Not just the smiles and laughter but also those harder moments - the tantrums are also part of the beautiful bundle that is your life!

 In a Documentary Session it is my job to capture the fleeting moments and emotions your family goes through as they naturally unfold. I don't tell you where to stand, or even give prompts, this is your time to be captured exactly as you are.

I want to see your life, your love, your dreams, and together you and I will make pictures which say: THIS IS US!

Pictures for your children and grandchildren to have a glimpse into the experience you had raising them, pictures which jog their memories and remind them of their favourite activities when they were 'oh so little'. Pictures which you can look back on once your children have grown up and remember their childhood, and most of all, see yourself there rather than knowing you were behind the camera!

Your ordinary day has so many moments worth remembering, the way your little one looks at you as you feed them, the way they cling to you or lay their head on your chest when they are tired. The way your eldest comforts their younger sibling and holds their hand, the way they miss the bowl when they pour their own cereal… these small moments are so powerful, and they are real. 

How a Documentary Session Flows...

In a Documentary Session with me you would chose to have specific activities photographed in a creative and meaningful way. These could include baking cakes, watering the plants, playing games, snuggles on the sofa or bath time. The list of activities we can capture is endless! I can even document your little ones birthday party!

In these sessions you can liken me to an observer, watching and waiting to capture the moments as they naturally unfold. I will not be posing you or directing you. I will be capturing your beautiful life from a perspective you have never seen, one where all of you can be in the photographs!  

Nothing is ever the same twice because everything is always gone forever, and yet each moment has infinite photographic possibilities.

— Michael Kenna

Happiness to me, is something which comes deeply from a place of noticing all the little tiny moments in life. We could look at the bigger picture, but really, our big picture is created by all the little ones.